HARVEY Precision Limited 

Manufacturers of the BRYDEN range of Rivetting machinery for Brake & Clutch relining

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When the brake shoes of commercial vehicles such as Buses and Trucks are worn they are not thrown away but relined with new asbestos or asbestos free material. Special machinery is available to remove old rivets which hold the friction material to the metal shoe and set or clench new rivets in place to attach the new friction material.

Our rivetting machinery is used for the removal of worn brake linings and the fitting of new ones and occasionally more obscure uses such as the rivetting together of bagpipes !

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Over the last 40 years BRYDEN products and Harvey Precision Limited have become probably the world leader in the manufacture & supply of Brake & Clutch Relining machinery and the provision of associated spares & tooling. We are proud of our ability to provide a reliable proven product at a very reasonable price.

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The name BRYDEN has been associated with the manufacture of rivetting machinery for over 50 years. Our versatile manufacturing capabilities and experience are now being applied to the development and manufacture of a wide range of machinery to customers own specifications.

Our customer base includes many major Friction material manufacturers, Public Service Vehicle operators and Motor Factors Worldwide.

The Company is built on customer satisfaction resulting in the great majority of our business being generated from recommendation.

Lee Ward & Stephen Ward are Directors who are totally involved with all aspects of the company.

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HARVEY Precision Limited, Unit 9, Upper Westland Square, Leeds, LS11 5SS, UNITED KINGDOM.
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sales :- sales@harveyprecision.co.uk or sales@brydeneng.co.uk
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