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Manufacturers of the BRYDEN range of Rivetting machinery for Brake & Clutch relining

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We manufacture a range of rivetting machines, both foot powered manual, to pneumatically operated. All being quite able to extract old rivets and clench new rivets. each machine will carry out either of these operations simply by changing the tooling (supplied). The tooling stroke of these machines ranges from 20mm to 90mm movement. the greater the movement the easier it is to carry out relining of some of the larger cast shoes.

Full list of tools and parts for all models of BRYDEN rivetter.
BRYDEN MK1A Foot powered rivetter:
Ideal for use where pneumatic/electrical power is not available or for the small bus or commercial fleet operator.
BRYDEN MK2 and MK3C pneumatically operated rivetters:
Entry level and intermediate machines ideal for the busy reline workshop encountering a wide variety of brake shoe and clutch references.
BRYDEN MK4C pneumatically operated rivetter
Advanced rivetter with a very long stroke allowing simple speedy access to rivets deep within brake shoe webs previously only accessible by slow adjustment or removal of tooling.
BRYDEN MK5A & SENSAIR pneumatically operated rivetters:
An unparalleled heavy duty rivetter providing long trouble free service to the busy workshop involved in relining shoes and clutches which often cause reline problems e.g. Heavily rusted shoes/rivets, Deep webs creating box ed areas where access to the rivets normally very difficult.
Information on these obsolete models can be found here and details of spare parts which are still available.

'On site' Services

Within the United Kingdom we offer several 'on site' services such as breakdown, planned maintenance, Rivetter 'input pressure to output Force' Calibration.

Because we carry comprehensive stocks of spare parts and tooling for machinery manufactured from 1958 to the present models together with our flexible manufacturing methods spare part availability is not a problem and immediate despatch is possible when required.


Send mail to sales :- sales@harveyprecision.co.uk or sales@brydeneng.co.ukwith questions or comments about this web site.

Last modified: September 17, 2013