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Manufacturers of the BRYDEN range of Rivetting machinery for Brake & Clutch relining

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BRYDEN MK4C Tubular Rivet Clencher


The MK4C provides a selective tooling stroke of approximately 65mm which will allow access to rivet positions that normal rivetters do not . i.e. Shoes that often have deep webs which when using standard rivetting machinery makes access difficult due to insufficient clearance between punch tip and the lower jaw.

The MK4C will allow the punch to 'jump' over the webs.The 65mm stroke is achieved in two stages, a 45mm long clearance stroke and a 20mm short power stroke. and the pneumatic circuit allows use of both long and short stroke or the short power stroke only according to the requirements of the work being carried out. The ability to choose the mode of operation offers savings of both time and air consumption .

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Last modified: September 17, 2013